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Christian Books- for growth 

  •  Jerry Bridges- One of the website's editor's favorite authors, "Trusting God"  greatly impacted his life. Another favorite is "Transforming Grace", and both are highly recommended.

  •  R.C. Sproul- One of the leaders in today's reformation of Biblical inerrancy, these three books compiled into one are among his most popular works.

  •  John MacArthur- His books are always scriptural and informative, this  one is  a good starting point.

gay girl.jpg
  •  Jackie Hill Perry- shares about her struggle with homosexuality.

  •  Chip Ingram- This book will probably change your view on God

  •  Nabeel Qureshi- shares his story as a devout Muslim that meets Jesus.  ( And Jesus and Mohammed do conflict -both can't be right.)

seeking allah.jpg
  •  Micah Wilder- The true story of a zealous mormon missionary who discovers the Jesus he never knew. 

  •  Lee Strobel - An editor for the Chicago Tribune, as a  journalist and atheist, Lee sets out to disclaim the claims of Jesus, including His  resurrection.  Follow his interesting journey as uncovers information from interviews and travels. (Or you can watch the movie!)

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