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                                            Find churches in your area....
     A Church is not the building, the Church is the believers who make up the "Body of Christ" - see verse 1 Corinthians 12:27. 
    Joining with other believers will help you grow in your faith, joining with others for encouragement, as you gather to worship the Lord. However, you want to make sure the church is Biblically based. 
     Unfortunately there are many that are not- (we call those spiritually dead)  How do you figure that out? Go to the church website and find their "what we believe"  tab. Do they believe the Bible is the inerrant (without error) word of God? Do they believe salvation is by faith and grace alone?   If they don't answer or avoid this questions, they probably don't stand firmly on God's Word and lean towards Man's or "modern day" thinking. This thinking will ultimately lead to a "works salvation" (even if it is only partially works based)  to which the Bible is adamantly opposed.
     Do they believe if you are "in tune"  with God you will be healthy and/or wealthy? (This is a false doctrine, called the "prosperity gospel" and probably over 50% of TV preachers espouse to this; just send them money "in a step of faith" and God will answer your prayers- don't be fooled!)

To help you, here are 2 websites we use to find churches when we are out of town:

Wholesale Inquiries
Wholesale Inquiries
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