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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:Why does a Good God allow so much suffering and pain?

A: An in-depth answer can be found here:

Q:Did God create the world by using Evolution or 6 Days as described in Genesis?

A: We believe the Bible, written under Divine Inspiration, gives an accurate account of the creation process, and actually there exists more evidence that points to a "young earth" than an "old earth". It really depends a lot on the assumptions you make in viewing the evidence/ artifacts, etc. We highly recommend for more information. The Anwers in Genesis website has a lot of information concerning not only creation, but the flood, Science, the Bible, etc.  Another point to consider is that Jesus quoted from Genesis multiple times in the Gospels- the four eyewitness accounts of his life and ministry. He either knew Genesis was false and did not say anything, he did not know it was false, or he believed it to be true. Which is more likely?

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Q:Why does God care about our sexuality?

A: Because God created us, He knows what is best for us. God created us male and female, and by His design you will be most fulfilled when we live our lives as He has directed in His Word. That includes a monogamous lifestyle with a person of the opposite sex in marriage; however God does call some to singleness. 

                                                 Q: "Why do you think you're right  and a devout (other religion)  is not?" 
 A: How does anyone determine what is TRUE or FALSE?
In decision making, you either 1) decide yourself what is true based on your experiences,knowledge, feelings, etc. or
2) you look to an outside source-other's teachings, experiences, etc. We choose to use the Bible as that outside source. We hold it as absolute truth, the yard stick to which everything else is measured. We believe it is inspired by God, and is therefore without error. (it is an affront to God to say the Bible is inspired by God but yet contains mistakes and contradictions.)   Our tab "God's Word" highlights some of the overwhelming evidence  why the Bible must be the Word of God.
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