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Sound Biblical teachers found on the Internet (like Youtube) can help you grow in God's Word. Please be careful, there are so many false teachers out there, one can easily be led astray into false doctrine.  Absolute Truth can only have one meaning, these men study the original Hebrew and Greek in an effort to extract the "real" truth of the Bible

(Sadly, the list of false teachers would be much longer. They often are "flamboyant", promise blessings with your gift to their organization, never speak of sin and repentance, and have very questionable biblical interpretation. That was the motivating drive for this website, when we were unable to spend much time with you when sharing the Gospel.) 

We feel these men to be reliable and trustworthy:

Kevin Copeland on Twitter_edited.jpg

#1) R.C. Sproul- founder of Ligonier Ministries, has many topics to select and learn. You may need to create an account to get full access. Also apart of Ligonier is You can listen daily which is another great way to learn, they will email you the podcast, usually about 25 minutes long.

#2) John MacArthur- Grace to You Ministries, Listen to the daily broadcast, sermons and more.

#3) Todd Friel-, an amusing approach to today's issues, and many Bible questions. 

#4) Voddie Baucham-, his sermons can be found on his website and His background gives him tremendous insight to Critical Race Theory, and many current issues in  today's world.

#5) Alistair Begg- - Another great teacher, and enjoy his Scottish accent as he teaches.

#6) Justin Peters-, you can also find resources on his website or One of my favorite is his Inigo Montoya series (title from the princess bride movie)

#8) Steve Lawson- 

Additional websites to visit:

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