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The Bible- God's Word to us/Life Manual

Isn't the Bible just a book, written by men?
No, when you understand the amazing facts of the Bible, it will be plain to see that it is different than any other book, religious or not. It claims of itself to be the Word of God  more than 2,000 times, consider the facts below.
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Total Books, written by
Collection, divided into 2 sections,
known as the Old and New Testaments
Different Authors,
(from Kings to Shepherds)
on 3 Continents and in 3 Languages
Written over a 1500 year span,
Yet is without error and fits together perfectly without contradiction.
Also consider:

What about Prophesy?

The Bible has made hundreds of prophecies, with an astounding 100% accuracy. The Bible predicted Alexander the Great and King Darius hundreds of years before their birth. One of the main purposes of the old testament was the prophesying of the coming Messiah- more than 200 prophesies- Jesus fulfilled them  all!

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There has never been an archeological find that has disproved the Bible, while more than 25,000 archeological finds support the Bible.

For example, it was questioned whether Joseph was ever in Egypt, or if the walls or 

city of Jericho existed, but later archeological finds have proven their existence.

What about Archeology?

What about "true meaning lost in translations"
and the reliability of the Bible?

The Bible we have today is not based on the previous version, that would lead to error just as passing a rumor around the room gets messed up. The versions we have today go back to the oldest and most reliable manuscripts, of which there are over 24,000 copies of portions of the New Testament in existence. This is amazing in that the only other work of antiquity close to that number is the Iliad by Homer of which there are only 643 manuscripts (works of Aristotle: 49, Plato: 7) Futhermore,

the time between the original writings and their available manuscripts sets the bible


apart as well. The length of time between Homer's actual writings and available manuscripts: 500 years. Aristotle: 1,400 years. Plato: 1,200 years. The New Testiment of the Bible ( the eyewitness accounts of Jesus' life): 25-60 Years!! 

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Why so many different versions?

Most of the versions today vary less than 1% in meaning. As stated above, they are based on the most reliable available transcripts, in attempts to retain the accuracy of the Scripture, but make reading and understanding easier, with different interpretation styles- word for word vs general thought. The King James Version from the 1600's is a good version (word for word), but difficult to understand in today's language. Easier versions to read for us today are the ESV (English standard version), ASV (American Standand), or the NKJV (New King James). A pastor once said the best version is the version you'll read! "Study" Bibles are Bibles that have extra notes to help explain verses, EX: the John MacArthur,  the ESV, or the Ryrie 'Study Bibles' are helpful. Then to go even deeper in study, there are "Commentaries" available. Contact us for suggestions.

  •  Voddie Bauchman does a great lecture on why you can believe the Bible and can be  watched on YouTube:   

  • Be warned- there will always be people who try to cast doubt on the Bible, but deeper study with references like "Evidence That Demands A Verdict", and "Cold Case Christianity" and many others document the Bible is the reliable Word of God. 

  • The Bible is the #1 Best Seller of all time- Men like John Huss gave their lives so people can have a copy-You really should check it out.                                       

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